Saturn devouring his son, his children.

 I looked around me with now, unbusied eyes, and came to realise that "Saturn devouring his children" was not applicable only to bloody revolution, as expressed in Miss Mantel's wonderful  story of the French revolution, or in Ivan Bunin's classic"Those accursed day",   Much, and worse is happening in different locations in the world and in many different guises. With enhanced communication many of us are well aware of the truths and yet few act to do anything. There are those heroes that do, but they are relatively few in number and can do little to combat that terrible opponent "mainstream".  I want with my books to contribute my grain of rice, and hope we may bring about a change in thinking, to perhaps motivate people to accept that there is undeniably,  a road back to reason. Perhaps it will be a middle road, but a way and I hope many will start to battle for the minds of the children who will be our future and the survival of our planet and species