Excerpt from the novel "The boy who sailed to spain" written by Paul OGarra

"Hold it Major. The destroyer´s signalling. They ask what are we carrying?"

"Tell them a boy."

"Strange bloody question, Major. Want to know his name."

"Tell them Masuhun."


Then all hell broke loose. The sirens on the destroyer started to wail, echoing loudly and eerily all across Gibraltar Bay, red lights flashing on and off throughout the ship.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------"Action stations," screamed Ruben hysterically."That´s what those sirens are about, it´s action stations.. They´re readying themselves and the ship for battle. Someone´s really going to catch it now, and I hope it´s not us."

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    polito (Tuesday, 22 March 2016 13:58)

    very good ..excellent