Brexit as step back in time to rationalise and get our bearings on humanity,morality and the future.

Would someone kindly explain to me all the gloom and doom about Brexit.Mrs Thatcher would probably have pulled us out years ago.What's wrong with seeing all the unhappiness and unstability that europe has meant brought to and end. Britain has always been the backbone of the West,but a reasoning democratic transparent backbone. We see and moan each day about all the evils we are suffering,abuse of charge for utilities,constant war,immigration problems caused by covert interference in multiple countrys.I think people all over the world should take a step back and study the past,our forefathers and our traditions, and perhaps take a years sabbatical on the obsessive use of modern technologies,mobile phones,internet,computers games,drones i could go on for hours. INSTEAD readbooks,try to get the old grey matter bubbling again.If you cant think of anything to read try,,MY BOOK..The Boy Who Sailed To Spain

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