In memory of my friend Alberto lopez de Atunes

“What difference is there between you and these señoritos, now, today, this one day when you are dressed like a peacock?” asked Pete.

“Firstly, only a handful of these are true señoritos, the rest are fantasmas, cantamañanas and some catetos dressed to deceive.  Even if the monkey dresses up in silk clothes, he remains a monkey. Now, I, have the blood of the dons, of caballeros running in my veins. It´s true that I am known mainly as a drunk, due of course to my unfortunate malaise, but you notice that in my sober state none dares to challenge me because they as much as I are fully aware of who I am in the traditional scheme of things.


“But surely amongst this quite substantial group there must be some working class family, or some burger who has made good for himself?”