You have written a book and you want the world to read it. If you publish it, it would be for nothing, because in the end nobody helps you sell it, nor do they know how, they just take your money and run.

If your book is good? I will have to read it of course, if I like it, I will sell it together with my own books.

We will put it on my website, which is becoming one of the most visited sites by today’s readers. The economic deal is as follows. You don’t pay me anything, not a penny, at least, of course, unless it has to be edited or fixed.


 Of the sale price, you receive 50%, the Web, that is, we, receive 25%, and the affiliate who sells the book 25% …….. For example, a price of 6 euros, author 3, web 1.5, vendor 1.5


 Of the net amount received from the POD, the same distribution. THAT IS, if the POD has a price of (15 euros sale price) 5 .. the remaining 10 euros are distributed 5 author, 2.5 Web, 2.5 seller. The 2.5% ( sellers) can be earned by the author or the website if they are the ones making the sale.

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Sales only affiliate.

If you are not an author, but would like to participate by offering our books for sale on your own page, you are also welcome.

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