Malak Desert Child, (English language version of Malak) is now available on Amazon everywhere . The official launch for the UK and the USA and Canada will take place during the current month. | Paul OGarra

. I was offered publication by various publishing houses, two in India and one in the UK. When I realised however that my work would no longer be what I had intended, and that my messages would be more or less rubbed out by market conscious reviewers, my book rewritten, I refused pointblank and chose the more ardous road of self publishing, again.

However, this time I decided to sell my property and fund a campaign of marketing to equal any established publishers, with a view to setting my work before the eyes of as many readers as possible and being approved or condemned as a writer by them.

I would be forever grateful if you will give my book Malak due consideration, and if you have the time, to write a brief review in Amazon for it. Thank you all.