Malak libro


A five year old girl living in poverty defends her family  against  the aggressive advances of a  drunken and scheming father.

Set in the moroccan and algerian Sahara , Malak escapes with her family to the Saharan birthplace of her mother Tanirt, guided and protected by a mysterious ex soldier.

The feisty child has an unexpected effect on powerful people and becomes a mystically motivated catalyst in events that will have earthmoving consequences for the mysterious desert and its peoples.

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the boy who sailed to spain

A powerful wave is but collection of drops.
Set in north africa and spain in 2015. Masunun´s family have been Christians since before Islam was born since the time of the Romans. His beloved father´s murder and deathbed request lead the distraught fifteen year old boy on a quest to cross the seas in search of mystical succour for his family and tribe, the same protection they have enjoyed through the millennia.

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