The gripping story of a young man´s unswerving belief in himself and what he stands for. When his father is assaulted and beaten to within inches of his life, Moon sails his tiny catamaran into the face of a storm to carry out his enigmatic last wishes and find a mysterious person. A searing indictment of today’s Western World as seen through the eyes of a fifteen-year-old boy travelling alone in the Spain of 2015, on a life or death mission. His values forged in an archaic Christian setting yet coloured by the Islamic cradle of his birth. His striving for the good while beset with evils today inherent in all Western society, sexual depravity, over-available pornography, drugs, racism, all of which he rejects and fights against. He is pursued in his quest by the organised forces of evil representing the heinous and insidious power of those giants of commerce, money, and power, and also by a blind authority which has taken its cue to pursue him from the lies of a bad woman.

He is befriended by people from one of those oases of light springing up in the West to counter the negative, and with their help is able to continue on his road towards the ligh

An action and adventure story full of mystical and metaphysical happenings.t.

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