Tales of the Zoco Chico

Watching the world go by.

                                                                   A woman  walking several steps behind a man, in the way her sex demanded of her, passed by, head held respectfully low. She was tall, slender but shapely, and as she went you could somehow visualize  from her manner  that her legs were long and her buttocks full and sensual.  Her eyes locked with mine, and in that brief instance, I imagined it to be a look of terror and of pleading.  That I had received a hidden message, a dumb crying out.  Then she stumbled and muttered indistinctly. The man stopped,  turned around, and took two steps towards  where she had also stopped,  and as she cringed before him, to my utter consternation and anger he backhanded her viciously across her face. She staggered backwards a step  and fell to the ground.  I leap´t up with an angry shout. But men pulled me back . “Don´t interfere brother, he´s her father”.  I was struck, sickened and saddened by the animal brutality I was witnessing. Some onlookers, among´st them women, were shouting their approval, even urging on this father who was  brutalizing and humiliating a young girl publicly.